Leading the way to zero-emission transportation.

Transportation is the indispensable backbone of society. Transportation enables everyday life. Every minute, every hour, every day. Living in an era of exponential change, brands must be ahead of time. They must offer answers before trends turn into needs, requirements or even restrictions.

FUSO eCanter environmentally friendly and economical for users

The Vision

Our ultimate goal is to lead the way to zero emission transportation.

What will come next? How do we meet future challenges? How do we improve air quality and reduce noise pollution? As the frontrunner in electric trucks we are introducing E-FUSO – a product brand entirely dedicated to electric-powered commercial vehicles. But above all dedicated to lead the way to zero emission transportation.

Our competencies


Japanese origin – global strength

Engineered in Japan and being a part of FUSO and Daimler Trucks Asia, we at E-FUSO meet the highest quality standards to bring its advantages to the world.


Customer-driven efficiency

We make sure that all our thoughts and actions are customer-centric and constantly strive to improve our product’s efficiency.


Passion for design

We are convinced that beauty comes from within but also needs to be visible from the outside. That’s why we are passionate about design.


Ecological commitment

Not just our trucks are beautiful, nature’s too. Bringing E-truck-mobility to life, is our contribution to a better world and environment.


With a bold exterior styling, a pure and minimalistic interior, and an intuitive digital connectivity system, E-FUSO is completely designed around the needs of drivers and owners.

Heavy Duty

In a global economy goods are moved around the whole world. By plane, by ship, by train – and by E-FUSO. We aim to electrify heavy duty transportation far beyond the city boundaries.

Light Duty

Truck mobility is daily part of urban life. It wouldn’t be so vivid, versatile and valuable without the goods delivered by an E-FUSO. Our mid-size vans are agile and maneuverable to find their way easily through the urban jungle.



The E-FUSO Vision One. An all-electric heavy duty truck representing our view on the future of trucking.

E-FUSO Vision One will make the difference and lead the way to zero emission transportation


Offering a range beyond 350 kilometers, this truck will extend electric driven logistics far beyond the city boundaries.

One truck can’t change the world.
A team with a Vision,
the technical knowledge
and a dedicated brand can

Marc Llistosella – President & CEO of MFTBC and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia

Understanding our customers &
their customers is essential

Benjamin Eule – Head of Marketing

We design the tools
for a new business era

Benoit Tallec – E-FUSO Head of Design

Communication turns an
electric truck into a trend,
and a trend into a new reality.
E-FUSO – the future is electric

Florian Laudan – Head of Communications

Innovation can be tested only by creative people

Hironobu Ando – Head of Testing

Innovation in
technology & design
is the key to success

Aydogan Cakmaz – Head of Development

With E-FUSO we
invest into making
our world a better place

Karsten Oellers – Head of Controlling – Sales & Customer Services

The team makes the difference

Oliver Klug – Head of eMobility Daimler Trucks Asia

Not just a product, we create e-Mobility

Yoji Sumida – Head of Product Management

We contribute
to make Earth a better place to live

Pavan Vishwanath – Head of the eCanter project


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