Leading the way to
zero-emission transportation.

From small packages delivered direct to your home, to large scale distribution across countries, transportation is the indispensable backbone of society. However, todays growing urbanization and global expansion demands better, cleaner transport solutions. We at Mitsubishi Fuso have taken the lead to bringing these solutions to life today.

eCanter UK Launch London

E-FUSO handed over the world’s first all-electric light-duty (7.5-tonne) truck in series production, the FUSO eCanter, to UK customers. The three customers to operate the all-new FUSO eCanter in the UK are delivery firm DPD, flour milling giant Hovis and logistics business Wincanton PLC.

Light Duty

E-FUSO enters the market with its all-electric light-duty truck introducing the possibility for clean and quite inner-city distribution.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty distribution needs continue to grow. E-FUSO aims to change the nature of intra-city distribution starting with our all-electric heavy duty truck Concept Vision One.

The vision.

Our ultimate goal is to lead the way to zero emission transportation.

We believe clean transportation can make a large contribution to making cities and countries better places to live. As the front runner in the design and development of electric trucks, we are proud to introduce E-FUSO – our product brand entirely dedicated to electric-powered commercial vehicles. E-FUSO is our promise to developing and offering zero emission vehicles to customers.

Our competencies


Japanese origin & global strength

Engineered in Japan under FUSO and Daimler Trucks Asia (DTA), E-FUSO is working to bring the electrification of commercial vehicles to city streets throughout the world.


Customer-driven efficiency

E-FUSO designs, develops and delivers more efficient products, continuing to drive forward our customer-centric approach.


Passion for design

Design is a holistic approach merging form and function; from the inside out. Our passion for design is evident in our driver-focused, sophisticated and detail-oriented products. E-FUSO enables us to bring this out-of-the-box design approach to our electric product portfolio.


Ecological commitment

Going electric is about bringing cleaner air and a quieter drive to urban areas. Leading the electric revolution is our contribution to ensuring a more eco-friendly way forward.

E-FUSO World Premiere

With the unveiling of E-FUSO our dedicated EV brand, and our first all-electric heavy duty truck concept, Vision One, together with our eCanter, we firmly establish our position as the frontrunner in the electrification of commercial vehicles.

FUSO History



First electrically powered bus MB46 with a range of 40 km



Production of the first hybrid bus



Presentation of the first Canter Eco Hybrid concept vehicle



FUSO becomes part of Daimler Trucks, and is now among the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses



Series production of the Canter Eco Hybrid commences for the Japanese market



Europe’s largest hybrid fleet trials, with ten Canter Eco Hybrid Euro IV trucks in London



Presentation of a Canter E-CELL study at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover



Launch of the 2nd generation Canter Eco Hybrid in Japan and Europe



Start of a one-year E-CELL fleet test
with eight Portuguese customers



Continuation of the E-CELL fleet tests in Stuttgart



Global Launch of the eCanter, first fully electric truck in series production



Launch of the E-FUSO brand

Innovation can be tested only by creative people

Hironobu Ando – Head of Testing

Innovation in
technology & design
is the key to success

Aydogan Cakmaz – Head of Development

With E-FUSO we
invest into making
our world a better place

Karsten Oellers – Head of Controlling – Sales & Customer Services

The team makes the difference

Oliver Klug – Head of eMobility Daimler Trucks Asia

Understanding our customers &
their customers is essential

Benjamin Eule – Head of Marketing

Not just a product, we create e-Mobility

Yoji Sumida – Head of Product Management

We design the tools
for a new business era

Benoit Tallec – E-FUSO Head of Design

We contribute
to make Earth a better place to live

Pavan Vishwanath – Head of the eCanter project

Communication turns an
electric truck into a trend,
and a trend into a new reality.
E-FUSO – the future is electric

Florian Laudan – Head of Communications


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